Have you ever come across the term disk image or ISO image file? You may have heard this expression from a "computer scientist" friend who owns a huge library of discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs), but who doesn't seem to use a disc, at least not in the usual way. Well, that friend probably created disk images for all the physical disks he uses most often. What is an ISO image file? Why would anyone want to use that? How to copy DVD to ISO image file? What is the best ISO file extractor? Read this guide and you will have answers to these questions by the end.



1. What is ISO Image File and ISO Extractor?


The ISO name comes from the name of the file system used by optical media, that is, ISO 9660. An ISO image file is a perfect representation of everything (all type of media) that is stored on a physical optical disc: CDs, DVDs. or Blu-rays. An ISO image file has no compression and the whole point of an ISO image file is that you can extract through an ISO image extractor an identical digital copy of a disc. Then, you can use that ISO image file to burn a new disc which, in turn, is an exact copy of the original.




And, of course, you can send an ISO image file much easier to your friends. Most operating systems and utilities also allow you to mount an ISO image file as a virtual disk, in which case the system will recognize the ISO image file as if a real optical disk. In addition, an ISO image file is not limited by the storage space provided by a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray, as this is located on your computer's hard disk.


Because of this, an ISO image file is much faster, and therefore more advantageous to use at the expense of any type of physical disk. Common disk image file extensions include .ISO and .DMG but there are around 100 files extensions. Long story short, an ISO image file it works as a substitute for actual discs.


First of all, an ISO extractor is a software that allows you to copy DVD to ISO and you can do even the reverse process, in order to copy ISO image to DVD. With other words, an ISO file extractor allows you to open, burn, edit, extract, create, split and convert an ISO image file.


2. How to Extract ISO File from DVD?


So, how to copy DVD to ISO file? If you want to copy DVD to ISO, you can choose an ISO extractor from a wide range of software. You can find an ISO extractor free or you can find in exchange for a small amount the perfect ISO extractor for PC for you and this way will enjoy more options.


For this purpose, I will use the most popular ISO extractor, DVDFab DVD Copy , to copy DVD to ISO. It is a great ISO extractor tool and if you don’t know this ISO file extractor, then you will convince yourself of its capabilities within 30 days of free trial. It can copy DVD to ISO file with an excellent quality.


I need to mention that at the end of the trial, you can continue to use it like an ISO extractor free tool, but with some limited features. But, I am sure that you will be amazed by this ISO extractor and you will consider to purchase a license. Also, this ISO file extractor, can read all types of DVDs, even discs that are scratched and it has a fast processing.


Follow this tutorial based on DVDFab DVD Copy, step by step, in order to copy DVD to ISO.


Step 1 – Getting started


Of course, you have to choose your favorite DVD, in order to copy your DVD to ISO. Then, download and install this ISO extractor from this link.





Step 2 – Settings, settings..


Open the ISO extractor, click on the button “Copy” from the option bar. Now you can load the source or just insert the DVD and the software will load it up automatically.





At this point, you must find in the left corner of the interface an arrow symbol. Click the arrow and choose one from the six “Copy” modes. In this case, we will choose “ Full disc” option.





Furthermore, through this ISO extractor software, before copy DVD to ISO, you can find even more useful and advanced options that you may access. You can change the name of the volume label, select the output ( DVD-9 or DVD-5). These options are another story but there are many configurations to experience. These options can be reached on the red outlined icons bellow.





Step 3 –  Copy DVD to ISO


In order to copy DVD to ISO using this ISO file extractor, you better check the dropdown menu. Click the ISO icon. By clicking this button, your DVD will become an ISO image file and you can choose where you want to copy your content.





Right next to this ISO icon, you can see an folder icon. This means that you can copy an ISO image folder too. For this tutorial, I want to copy DVD to ISO, so I will save as ISO image file.


Step 4 – Start the copying process


Now that all things are settled, we can prepare to copy DVD to ISO. All you have to do is to push the green button “Start”. OK, now you can do something else and let this ISO extractor  do its job. But don't get involved in things that take a long time because the copying process will take a few minutes, thanks to this ISO extractor.






The ISO file image is created quickly. DVDFab DVD Copy is a great ISO extractor and it works really efficiently. For sure, this ISO file extractor is all- in-one solution. Don’t forget that you can copy ISO image to DVD also.  Of course, there are many other programs, some of them are ISO extractor free, but I preferred to talk about this ISO extractor because it is a very popular program, it is safe and many users are already familiar to DVDFab DVD Copy. Many of other software are trying to install adwares, change your web browser homepage and default search engine.


To conclude, here are some of the most important benefits when you copy DVD to ISO:


  • an ISO image file is the exact replica of a DVD, so this has all the details related not only to the content, but also to the original structure of the files and folders;


  • an ISO image file of an optical disk is very useful when you want to create multiple copies of that disk;


  • an ISO image file is portable. It is very easy to send online an ISO image file online to others or you can easily store that on an external memory drive such as an external hard drive.


I say that is worth it to copy DVD to ISO, besides copy DVD to ISO file, you could back it up to your hard drive, to another DVD disc, and can even reborn the old DVD and enhance its DVD video quality with the tech of AI, for more, click the ultimate guide to copy a DVD to learn the fantastic features of this best DVD copy software, which is way beyond ISO extractor.


Now you know what is an ISO image file and why it is useful, how to copy DVD to ISO and what is the best ISO file extractor. I hope I have been able to answer to some questions that you had on this subject.