Table of Contents

Part 1: How to Copy Blu-ray disc on PC on Windows and Mac

Part 2: How To Copy Blu-Ray Disc To PC? 

Part 3: How to Copy Blu-ray Disc to DVD?

Part 4: How to compress large size Blu-ray into DVD?

Part 5: Why Opt For DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy Software? 


Streaming the video content has always been observed to be the convenient medium of enjoying the incredible content to your heart's desire. However, we are still using the physical media such as Blu-rays and DVDs, which are most likely to get damaged or scratched. Blu-rays do offer you an access to premium movies. If you have a good number of Blu-rays, and checking out the options on how to copy Blu-ray disc on PC, the details here should be helpful for your needs. You can find the right Blu-ray disc copy software for the purpose. 


How to Copy Blu-ray disc on PC on Windows and Mac


Of all the tools available for copying Blu-rays on your PC, we found DVDFab Blu-ray Copy an excellent option for the best free Blu-ray copy software and found it providing access to a very high-end performance standard. You can use the tool to copy your Blu-ray to another disc or even copy your content onto a computer hard drive as an ISO file or folder. 


The DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is the first ever full-fledged Blu-ray copier, burner and cloner. It also works as the best DVD Copy software. You can use the tool to copy any Blu-ray or DVD to nay other blank DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease. It can also help you copy the content to your hard drive in just a couple of clicks. It can also be used to copy DVD on Windows 10 to your computer or as an ISO file. 


Some of the salient features offered by the platforming how to copy a Blu-ray disc on PC can include:


  • Support for a vast range of formats: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can copy your movies and discs to any blank disc without being limited to any particular format. It supports a wide range of discs such as BD-R 25, BD-RE 25, BD-R 50 and BD-RE 50. It can even copy your Blu-ray to a DVD disc such as DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/DL and DVD-R/DL. The module also doubles up as the best DVD copy software. 


  • Multiple Copy modes to choose from: The tool provides you access to five different copy modes that you can pick. The modes available include Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, and Merge. You can use the tool to copy the entire disc or a part of it if needed. 


  • An easy to use interface: The interface offered by the platform is extremely easy to use and simple to follow. A simple step by step process to control your Blu-ray copy process further makes it a great choice. Support for multiple languages and built-in preview options are a few other options that make it a worthy option.


  • Lossless quality output: DVDFab products are consistently updated to meet the latest standards and technologies. A smoother processing and a lossless output quality on the final video can be a few features that make it a worthy investment. 


How To Copy Blu-Ray Disc To PC? 


Well, as we said already, DVDFab products offer you a simple to use interface and an easy functionality in creating a Blu-ray digital copy. The steps involved and self-explanatory and easy to follow – 


Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Blu-ray Copy 

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is part of the complete DVDFab Suite and forms a module of the package. Launch DVDFab and opt for the Copy tab. 

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy


Step 2: Insert your disc and add files 

Insert your Blu-ray disc in your optical drive and let the software detect it. You can even add your ISO files into the interface. The software also supports drag and drop functionality. 


Step 3: Customise your Blu-ray 

Click on Profile Switcher and choose what you want to do with your Blu-ray disc or file. You can pick from among the different Copy options. 


DVDFab Blu ray Copy

You may click on Advanced Settings and make adjustments as per your preferences. 


Step 4: Begin copying the content

Pick an output folder depending on where you want to copy the content onto. Click on START to begin the conversion.  

DVDFab blu ray copy


That does it, and your task to copy Blu-ray disc to PC should be done. The conversion should now begin. You will be indicated the progress of the process through a progress indicator. 


How to Copy Blu-ray Disc to DVD?


While DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can help you copy your Blu-ray disc onto your hard drive or computer with ease, it can also be an excellent option to copy the content onto a DVD. The steps to copy Blu-ray disc to DVD would almost remain the same except for a few minor differences. 


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Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Go with the steps as explained above to pick the copy mode and the right profile switcher as per your preferences. 


Step 2: Add your files 

Add your files following any of the methods such as drag and drop, add files or by inserting the relevant Blu-ray disc. 


Step 3: Choose DVD as output format

Once the Blu-rays files have been added to the software, click on Advanced Settings to configure your output DVD disc. Choose the output format as DVD 5. You may also configure other configuration options as per your preferences. 


DVDFab Blu-ray Copy 

Step 4: Begin Conversion 

Choose an output folder and click on START to begin copying process. The DVD output will be saved to the folder of your choice. You should have access to a progress indicator to let you know the status of the copying process.


Step 5: Insert your blank DVD in the optical drive 

Remove the Blu-ray disc from the drive and insert the blank DVD you want to copy the content to. Follow the process again to copy the DVD content from where you have saved them to the blank DVD disc.

This time, however, you will need to drag your files onto the interface of the software and copy the contents onto your DVD. You will choose the optical drive as the output folder to copy Blu-ray disc to DVD. 


How to compress large size Blu-ray into DVD?


The size of a Blu-ray disc may be larger than the files on a DVD. If you want to compress the larger size Blu-ray so that it can fit properly on a DVD disc, the DVDFab Suite does provide you with a built-in solution for the purpose.


The DVDFab Blu-ray Copy comes with the BD Shrink technology wholly developed in-house by DVDFab on its suite of tools. The technology can be helpful enough in fitting the disc onto a BD 25 media with ease. It can also be one of the excellent options for copying the content onto DVD DL and DVD DL discs. It can be your best bet for creating Blu-ray digital copy through easy steps. 


The technology comes into the force in the following three ways: 

  • Blu-ray Full Disc to BD-25

  • Blu-ray Main Movie to BD-9/5

  • Blu-ray to DVD-9/5


In fact, you do not need to do anything as such specifically to compress the Blu-ray disc into a compressed size. 


Why Opt For DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy Software? 


The DVDFab Blu-ray Copy software can be one of the excellent solutions for use with your needs in Blu-ray copying, cloning and burning requirements that you may have. The software is extremely easy to use and comes with a massive load of features.


The tool does offer you access to almost all the needs one may have. No matter whether you are less experienced or an advanced user, the tool does provide you with plenty of features. The availability of as many as five different copy modes should further make it one of the most robust options to go with.


The software does not hog your resources which should further make it one of the promising tools for each of your Blu-ray Copy requirements. If you are wondering how to copy protected Blu-ray, the software offers you a solution to remove Cinavia protection through a standalone solution. Learn more about how to copy protected DVD and Blu-rays and remove various kinds of copy protections. 


The Concluding Thoughts


Copying your Blu-rays into ISO images, a blank disc or even copying to your Blu-ray disc into a DVD can prove to be one of the prime concerns if you are handling a lot of Blu-ray content. The need to copy DVD on Windows 10 can also be one of the prime options you need to give a try to. 

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can be a great option for the best free Blu-ray copy software by almost every context in handling your needs in an improved degree of performance in your Blu-ray copy requirements. You can even opt for the best Cinavia removal option if the Blu-ray disc comes with Cinavia protection. The DVDFab Cinavia removal can be applied in case you want to check out how to remove copy protection from Blu-ray.