Do you have an extensive collection of DVDs and want to create a flexible storage option for them? Having a physical DVD can mean facing acute space crunch and having to take care of the other damages such as breaking or scratches. One of the best solutions to this issue can be to copy your DVD to computer or a hard drive.


Well, if you want to know how to backup DVD to computer, the following tutorial should ideally be the best you can go with. The steps here should be useful to copy DVD on Windows 10.


1. Why Backup your DVDs?


To begin with, DVDs are a physical medium, and that would mean they would fail as a result of an improper storage. They may face a mechanical breakdown in many cases.


Ideally speaking, a DVD should have a lifespan of at least fifty years. However, for that to happen, you need to store them by following extreme precautions. The DVDs are best preserved by keeping them in a cool, dark and dry place. Unless you are a commercial establishment, it would rather be difficult to handle and store the discs following the best practices.


There are a few mechanical failures that may make it difficult to play a DVD on a computer, let alone copying it. That would mean you would not have any other option than playing it on a standalone player. This is where you would find the option to backup or copy your DVD to computer would be an excellent option.


2. How to Copy DVD to Computer?


If you are looking to backup your DVDs, DVDFab DVD Copy should be one of the prime options for almost every requirements you may have in the best DVD copy software. It has been treated to be one of the most prevalent and prominent DVD Copy software with advanced features. The software is designed to let you not only back up your DVDs to your hard drive, but it also lets you copy it to any blank disc that includes DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL.  One of the excellent features offered by the platform is it would let you remove the Cinavia Protection from the protected DVDs.


The salient features offered by the DVDFab’s best DVD Copy software can include:



  • It offers you plenty of copy and backup options – The software provides you with endless opportunities in handling the backup and DVD Copy functionalities. You can either copy DVD to computer or even another DVD.


  • Ease of Use – The ease of use and simplicity offered by the software makes it an excellent option. You have an easy to use interface and a multi-language support.


  • Faster processing speed – It can handle every aspect of DVD copy with ease. You should be able to handle even the scratched discs. The software offers you an original quality preserved on the backed up DVDs.


  • Support for extra efficiency –  The hardware acceleration mode should be yet another huge plus point that should further enhance your experience.


Steps involved in backing up DVD to computer:



  1. Launch your DVDFab DVD Copy


The first step to copy DVD to computer is to install and launch your copy of DVDFab software. The DVD Copy is a module that has been integrated into DVDFab software. Once launched, choose the Copy module. Under the Copy module, you can add up the files you want to copy onto your computer.



  1. Add your files to the DVD Copy module


You can just insert a disc you want to copy or backup to your computer. You can even consider adding files stored on any other media. You can add the files with the Add files option or even use drag and drop feature to add files.




  1. Choose your copy mode and other customisation options


Click on the Main Movie section and click on the preferences you may have. You would get access to six different modes – Full Disc, Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customise. Pick the option that best meets your requirements.




  1. Apply your customisation options


Apply the customisation to your DVD backup as per your preferences. You can access the Advanced Settings menu by toggling Ready to Start option and then access the Advanced Settings.





  1. Start the backup process.


Here comes the last step to copy DVD to computer. Once you have configured all your settings, click on START and your DVD backup should commence. You will find a progress indicator to let you know about the actual progress of the DVD backup.




That does it. You have successfully backed up the DVD onto your computer. Just ensure that you have picked the output folder for saving your DVD files. If you have not chosen an output folder, the backed up DVD files should be available under the default location.


3. Back up DVDs with Copy Protections like Region Code, CSS, etc.


Unlike VCDs and a few other discs, the DVDs come with a host of restrictions that include region specific restrictions and region codes. There are several DVD copy protections used on the DVD discs. This is done to protect the content against the unauthorised distribution and copying. While a few of these protections may be simple, a few others can be quite advanced.


If you want to back up a DVD that has copy protection such as region codes and CSS, make sure that you have removed the protection. There are several software options available that would assist you in removing the protection from your DVDs.


The restrictions on a DVD can include:

  • Region Code – With this code, the DVD is restricted to a particular area and cannot be played outside this region. The discs with no region restrictions would have a 0 (zero) code.


  • Region Code Enhanced or RCE – This is similar to region code, but comes with advanced settings.


  • Content Scramble System or CSS – This is part of the DRM or Digital Rights Management option. The restrictions prevent a DVD from being illegally copied and distributed.


These significant restrictions apart, you would find the DVD having a host of other restrictions as well. Before you can back up a DVD to your computer, it is essential to remove the protection from the DVD so that the content can be played even after copying it. In case you do not decrypt the DVD before backing it up, you would end up the disc not working at all.


DVDFab offers you an excellent option for removing the copy protection from your DVD. Simply referred to as Cinavia Removal Tool, it can help you decrypt a DVD and back it up without hassles. The DVDFab Cinavia removal tool needs to be downloaded separately and can integrate seamlessly with the DVD Copy software for free to copy DVD on Windows 10.


How to use Cinavia Removal Tool with DVD Copy? Well, that should be much easy. Assuming that you have already installed your DVDFab software as indicated in the above tutorial and have been using the software to copy your DVD content, download and install the Cinavia Removal Tool as well. Cinavia Tool will detect the Cinavia watermark and remove it efficiently. Just ensure that you have enabled Cinavia Removal Tool on your DVD Copy software.


That was how you could take a backup of your DVD with the best DVD Copy software with ease. The tool, as we have already explained, provides you with an enhanced experience in letting you backup and copy DVD on Windows 10 with ease even when it comes with any copy protection or restrictions. Check out the steps on how to copy DVD to computer and find how it works for you. For the ultimate guide on copying DVD with top 5 DVD copy software, read more by clicking this article.