Table of Contents

Part 1. What is NHK BS4K and NHK BS8K?
Part 2. How to Copy Recorded Program From NHK BS4K channel Or BS8K As DVD?
Part 3. How Can You Rip Recorded NHK BS4K Channel And NHK BS8K Discs?
Part 4. The Concluding Thoughts 


The broadcasting industry has been growing consistently, and the new age broadcasting specifically focuses on the 4K and 8K recording and transmission. The growth of the 4K broadcasting has been bringing in an equal growth of the 4K recording device and software tools.


What is NHK BS4K and NHK BS8K?


The NHK BS4K and NHK BS8K are the two new channels being launched by NHK which is the official broadcasting service from NHK, Japan. The services will be launched on December 1, 2020. While the 4K transmission has been around since long, NHK has planned the launch of the world's first 8K transmission service with NHK BS8K.



The NHK BS4K, as you might have already guessed, is the special channel designed to provide you access to 4K content. The two new channels will go live on December 1 and will need you to have specialised devices and software tools for your specific requirements.


1. What is NHK BS4K?


NHK BS4K channel is designed to provide you access to ultra-high definition visual images. In fact, the very first transmission in 4K will be marked by a special live broadcast from Antarctica. That apart, NHK BS4K will transmit a wide range of 4K programs.


In addition to the fresh 4K content, the channel will also transmit the 4K versions of the 2K programs. The 2K programs will be remastered digitally into 4K on the BS4K channel. The channel will broadcast for 18 hours every day.


2. What is NHK BS8K?


NHK BS8K will be the flagship channel for high-quality broadcasting in 8K. You will have access to extremely immersive content for its viewers. Whether sports programming or movies or any other content, you will indeed have access to masterpieces.


The initial programming has been designed with music and art. The other programs will include regular TV programming along with a focus on the nature programs. The NHK BS8K will transmit its programs for 12 hours daily.


How to Copy Recorded Program From NHK BS4K channel Or BS8K As DVD?


There can be several options that can be helpful in copying a recorded program from an NHK BS4K or BS8K content onto a blank DVD. It would ideally involve two steps.


Stage 1 – Use a 4K Recorder software for BS4K recording


You will need to find a good 4K recorder software to record the 4K or 8K content from the source such as NHK BS4K channel and NHK BS8K channel. DVDFab UHD Copy or similar other capable 4K recorder options can be a good tool in this context.


You may even use screen recorders that can provide you with a 4K clarity and resolution. The recordings from these screen recorders may or may not live up to your expectation, but would offer you a decent performance standard. You may perhaps even check out a few online options as well.


Stage 2 - Copy Recorded BS4K channel or BS8K disc with Software to A Blank DVD, ISO, Folder


Once the 4K and 8K content has been recorded through an effective BS4K recording, the next step would be to copy into a blank DVD, ISO or and another folder. This would need the use of another software to copy the content onto the disc.


Make sure that you choose the software that is capable of 4K recording and copying.


In essence, the use of more than one software for the purpose can be an issue and can result in compatibility issues. This is exactly why it would be advisable to check out the software that can handle multiple capabilities.


If you have been looking for an enhanced experience in copying the recorded content from NHK BS4K or BS8K, you need to look for a specific software tool or device for the purpose. One such excellent software we found in our search for the best 4K recorder Copy tool is DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy.


The DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy is your best bet for both 4K BDAV format DVD decrypter and backup software for all your BS8K recordings. It can efficiently decrypt the recorded Blu-ray discs and then create backup copies of these discs that can either be saved on to the blank discs or to your hard drive. The BS4K recorder tool offers you three distinct backup modes.


Some of the enhanced features we observed with the DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy in copying BS4K recording can include


  • Capable 4K recording support  With the growth of 4K broadcasting, 4K recording has become quite essential. With the services such as NHK BS4K channel, CS4K channel of SKY PerfecTV and a wide range of other services, the 4K recorders have been growing consistently. The DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy is compatible with the recordings made by almost all mainstream 4K recorders.

  • Multiple modes to Copy content The tool offers three major copy modes to choose from. This will mean you will be able to get access to any of your preferred copy options depending on your individual preferences.

  • A lossless cloningYou can clone the recorded 4K BDAV format Blu-ray content in a very lossless manner with ease and simple steps.

  • Supports every disc made by the recorders4K recorders generally have a specific set of standards of their own. Unlike the standard specifications on the commercial 4K discs, these may have their own standards. DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy support all the mainstream BS4K recorders.


The 4K Recorder Copy currently supports the following 4K recorder models officially, while you should get it working with other recorders as well. You should be able to record your content with ease from NHK BS4K or NHK BS8K recording. 


4K Recorder Copy

Here is how you would be able to handle the functionality with ease  -


Steps to copy recorded BS4K video to DVD:


Step 1 – Install and launch the software


DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy is downloaded separately and works seamlessly with DVDFab Suite. Assuming you have downloaded DVDFab Suite and the 4K Recorder Copy already, launch it and pick Copy tab.


BS4K video to DVD

Step 2 – Insert your discs

Insert your recorded 4K disc onto your UHD drive and pick the Clone/Burn option from the Mode Switcher. The tool will detect your discs and list out the titles and other content. Make your settings as per your preferences. You can pick the Advanced Settings option and configure your changes.


insert your discs

Step 3 – Begin copying the files


Choose the output folder and begin copying the content. You can simply click on the Start option to begin copying the content.


begin copying the files


That should make it one of the excellent and easy to use options for copying the 4K recorded discs and creating backup copies as per your preferences.


How Can You Rip Recorded NHK BS4K Channel And NHK BS8K Discs?


The above discussion creates an exact copy or clone of your 4K recorded disc from the 4K or 8K broadcasting content. What if you want to convert or rip the content on the disc into different formats such as MP4 or MKV? You can easily convert your BS4K recording or BS8K recording with ease with the DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper


DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper is an excellent BDAV Ripping free software option that would assist you in achieving the task. Just like DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy, the tool works in a perfect manner as a 4K BDAV format decrypter and converter. It can decrypt the disc and then convert the content into MKV or MP4. That way, you would be able to play the content on any playback devices.


DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper

Some of the features and specifications offered by the tool can include


  • Convert Blu-rays into MKV and MP4You can convert the videos into MP4 and MKV with ease with the BDAV ripping free software. This will make your 4K recorded videos playable on a wide range of devices that include smartphones, tablets, PDAs, game consoles, computers, smart TVs, and home theatres.

  • Retain the Metadata The BS4K Recorder Ripper maintains the metadata information from the source disc and applies it to the target file. The content retains the original HLG video quality, which further enhances your experience.

  • High-quality standardThe BDAV ripping free software supports the hybrid log-gamma high dynamic range. This is the latest HDR standard designed for live 4K programs used by NHK, BBC and other 4K broadcasting channels.

  • Hardware acceleration​​​​​​​ The 4K BDAV ripper supports almost all the mainstream hardware acceleration technologies. You can find support for NVIDIA's CUDA, AMD APP, and Intel's IQS. This can be an exceptional service to provide you access to an improved degree of faster conversion performance.


The Concluding Thoughts ​​​​​​​


The future belongs to 4K and 8K broadcasting. If you are someone who wants to copy or rip the recorded content from the Blu-ray discs, the options available from DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy and DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper should provide you with an exceptional service quality par excellence. Gain an enhanced experience in terms of the best experience in getting access to the perfect NHK BS4K channel or NHK BS8K channel content to your heart’s content.


The high-end functionality, hardware acceleration support and other vital parameters can definitely prove to be something quite interesting and effective in a lot of ways to achieve your goals. Check out the best features offered by the platform and get access to the perfect copy and ripping experiences.