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1. DVDFab DVD Copy: Best AI-Powered DVD Copy Software

2. How to Copy A DVD on A Mac

3. Summary:


Even though there are now better ways to watch high-quality movies and videos, DVDs aren't going extinct anytime soon.


Certainly, you still got some DVD movies you would never stop watching because they crack you up each time. But because the movie is in DVD format and burned into a disc, over time, it would definitely stop playing seamlessly as before; you will begin to notice some cracks on the disc. In worst scenarios, the disc might even get damaged or broken, making it impossible for you to watch your interesting movie any longer.


But there's a way to preserve DVDs to last for a longer time (possibly, forever). Yes, this is possible when you rip or copy the DVD movie to your computer and save it there. Right on your computer, there's no way the movie is going to get damaged or broken. More interestingly, some DVD copy software apps support advanced features to enhance the movie quality to look more enticing.


That said, you may want to ask “how to copy DVD to computer?” or “how to copy a DVD on a mac?” Well, whether you're using a MacBook or a Windows computer, the steps are the same when you use DVDFab DVD Copy software.


1. DVDFab DVD Copy: Best AI-Powered DVD Copy Software


DVDFab DVD Copy is an advanced utility with loads of important features; it is arguably the best DVD copy software for Mac and Windows.


More so, DVDFab DVD Copy supports an intelligent Artificial Intelligence (Enlarger AI) technology that enhances DVD movie image qualities. It is the best AI-Powered DVD Copy software the world has ever seen or known. If you ever get faced with the need to copy DVD to computer, this utility software is just the perfect one to use.


Interestingly, this DVD copy software can read even protected DVDs and copy them to blank compatible discs such as DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL. Alternatively, DVDFab DVD Copy software can copy your movies as ISO file or save them and a DVD Folder on your local disk. You can copy your DVD movie to DVD5 or DVD9 using this software, and more conveniently, you could copy DVD to directly hard drive to back up it digitally.


With the help of some important add-ons, you will be able to do more with this software. Integrating DVDFab's Cinavia Removal Solution (sold separately) with DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to remove Cinavia watermarks from protected DVDs. Similarly, with DVDFab's Enlarger AI (sold separately), you will be able to enhance your DVD movie quality before copying them to your local PC storage or external storage.


1) How To Copy DVD Windows 10


Here's a succinct guide on how to copy DVD to computer using DVDFab DVD Copy.



  • Download and install DVDFab DVD Copy on your Windows or Mac computer

  • Launch the DVDFab 11 software and click the “ Copy ” tab

  • Select a copy mode from the “ Profile Change r” button

  • Upload your DVD movie from disc, ISO file, or DVD folder

  • Choose an output folder where the copied DVD will be saved.

  • Click the green “ Start ” button to copy DVD to computer.


However, without activating the Enlarger AI feature, DVDFab DVD Copy would still copy your movie losslessly, maintaining the video's standard image quality. But, with Enlarger AI activated on your DVDFab 11 account, your copied DVD movies will appear stunning with enhanced image quality.


2) DVDFab's Enlarger AI


DVDFab's Enlarger AI is an add-on feature on most DVDFab 11 software applications. It is an AI solution that helps to upscale and enhance video image quality. However, DVDFab's Enlarger AI is integrated into DVDFab DVD Copy; thus, making it the best AI -Powered DVD copy software.


When you copy DVDs with regular DVD copy software apps, the quality doesn't match what you'll get from using an AI-Powered copy software. Below is how your DVD movie will appear with and without AI video image enhancements.


3) How to DVDFab's Enlarger AI on DVDFab DVD Copy Software


If you want your DVD movie to appear more realistic and classy when you copy them to your computer, then you should enable Enlarger AI on DVDFab DVD Copy. Below are the simple steps to do that.


  • Download DVDFab DVD copy on your computer, install the program, and launch it.

  • Click on " Copy " and upload your DVD movie from disc, folder, or ISO file.

  • Switch the copy mode to “ to Blu-ray ,” the Enlarger AI feature is available when you want to copy the DVD to Blu-ray; it is not available while copying the DVD as“ Main Movie ”or“ Full Disc .”

  • Tick ​​​​the checkbox beside " Enlarger AI ."

  • Choose the quality from the dropdown menu below the " Enlarger AI " option.


That's how to enable and use DVDFab DVD Copy with Enlarger AI to boost your video quality. However, you should know that when this feature (Enlarger AI) is enabled, the copying process takes a longer time than normal.


4) Regular Image Quality copied by ordinary DVD Copy software


Below is the video image quality of a DVD movie when copied with DVDFab DVD Copy, but without activating Enlarger Artificial Intelligence feature.



5) Enhanced Image Quality copied by AI-Powered Copy software


In contrast, this is the same DVD movie when copied with DVDFab DVD Copy, but this time, the Enlarger AI feature was activated.


With Enlarger AI-enabled on DVDFab DVD Copy, the DVD movie image quality will be enhanced to appear more detailing and catchy.


6) What's so special about Enlarger AI?


DVDFab developed Enlarger AI to become the world's first video upscaling solution that utilizes super-resolution technology, deep-learning algorithms, neural network algorithms, and smart color correction algorithms. This AI solution is capable of enhancing video images up to 300%; plus, it can upscale 480p DVD movies to 1080p Blu-ray resolution, as well as upscale 1080p videos to 4K videos for compatible devices.


DVDFab Enlarger AI powers the DVDFab DVD Copy to become the best DVD copy software by integrating AI algorithms to the copied video; thus, making a clear difference in the video quality and appearance.


2. How to Copy a DVD on Mac?


DVDFab DVD Copy and Enlarger AI solution is available for MacBook users. However, there is a built-in “Disk Utility” on MacBook that lets you copy unprotected DVDs. Also, when you use this built-in utility on mac, the video quality may decrease a little, unlike DVDFab DVD Copy than retains or upscale the video quality, thanks to Enlarger AI. You can continue with the steps if you want to use the “Disk Utility” option for MacBook.


  • On your MacBook, search for Disk Utility and click on the app.

  • Load the DVD movie by click on the DVD's name at the left pane

  • Go to the top menu bar, click on File >>> New Image >>> Image from…

  • On the popup menu, enter a name you'd like to use in saving the DVD movie.

  • Choose the location you want to save the video to

  • Still on the popped-up box, go to the "Format" tab, click the dropdown menu, and select " DVD/CD Master ."

  • Click “ Save ” and wait for the copy/ripping process to complete


When the ripping is complete, insert another blank DVD into the mac and follow the steps below to burn the movie into your disc.


  • Double click on the copied movie

  • Now right-click and select “Burn…” from the context menu

  • Set a name for your DVD and click “Save.”


3. Summary:


This article has detailed How to copy DVD to computer and MacBook. However, the main point here is the DVDFab Enlarger AI technology, which obviously enhances and improves your DVD movie quality.


Lastly, we picked one great article to show you how to upscale blu-ray to 4k quality .